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Do We Really Need Facetime for Face-to-Face Time?

A recent study revealed 20% of women say spending time online has made face-to-face communication harder.  Does that hold true for you?  Think about it, is you main way to connect with your girlfriends involve a keyboard or a mobile phone?  How many time to do hear yourself say these words:

“Girl, I don’t know where the times goes… we have got to get together soon…. how about a girls’ night out?”

Has that get together ever happened, have more days flown by?  Yes, we know the answer… it is happening to ALL of us!

So, why not make a ritual…. like a girl’s night out? say belly dance classes…. even a morning of yoga and tea — preferably with some nice, deep breathing.

Just a few minutes away to a happier you... The Belly Dance Studio can help!

Just a few minutes away to a happier you… The Belly Dance Studio can help! Call us at 409-790-7669 to see what classes or events will make YOU smile

As we enter into a season of hustle, bustle and ridiculously long to-do lists that would make even Martha Stewart die of exhaustion, just stop for a minute.   Take a moment.  Slow down.  Ask yourself what will make YOU happy?  It’s not selfish…. it’s more like self improvement.

At the Belly Dance Studio, we hear ladies everyday talk about what is stressing them, and what a refuge our studio has become for them.  Whether it is a night out with the girls, getting the calories and fat burning with a Flirty Girl class…. or starting the day with your bestie and an hour of yoga… the offerings at The Belly Dance Studio are for you, tailored to you and make you a better you….

Go ahead, call your girlfriends and tell them… Meet me at the Belly Dance Studio, you’ll be glad you did…  To learn more about our party options, click HERE>>     For more great information about making time for YOU… check out this article from our favorite belly dance website,

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