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Dilara Sultan, Belly Dance and Fitness Instructor

Michele (aka Dilara) teaches beginner, intermediate and performance-level belly dance classes.

Dilara Sultan is one of us: a wife, a mother, an entrepreneur, a girl next door whose neighborhood happens to contain pretty much the whole world. Her journey through the world of Oriental dance is not unusual, starting out as entranced and earnest beginner in a mid-sized Texas town. Yet her fascination with the form, the music, and the culture surrounding belly dance has lead her to discover new opportunities world-wide for the musicians, instructors, and dancers that enliven this ancient art. Through her network of companies, Dilara facilitates new relationships reaching across global boundaries to forge collaborations that further expand and enrich the Oriental Dance community.

Learn more about her on her profile.

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2 Comments to "Dilara Sultan, Belly Dance and Fitness Instructor"

  1. Sue Chatagnier says:

    Michele if I pay 50.00 for the 10:00 am Belly Dance classes, when do the 4 classes start? Do I have to start this Wed. or can I start next Wed.? How does this work?

  2. The Staff at The Belly Dance Studio says:

    Hi Sue, it’s Michele — so sorry I missed replying to your post sooner! We typically start our monthly sign up just before the new month’s classes start. It would be so SO wonderful to have you back in class again! So, if you sign up for Belly Dance 101, and you “buy the month” you would attend one Belly Dance 101 class per week for the month. we currently offer Belly Dance 101 3 xs a week — and you are free to choose which class each week you want to attend. I hope this helps. Feel free to call the studio at 409-790-7669 and we can talk more!

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