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Belly Dance Makes You Smarter…. or something like that

Ran across an article today in Woman’s Day mag, , titled “New Thinking On Memory.”  So here’s a re-cap with a little belly dance spin… it’s what we do best, ya know!

“A recent study found that people who exercised regularly… had less shrinkage in an area of the brain responsible for memory than those who only did mentally stimulating activities, like crossword puzzles.”

What does this mean????? BELLY DANCE EXERCISES YOUR BRAIN!  say what???  Read on:

You’re NEVER too old to belly dance! read more about belly dancing in your older years on Click the photo.

Belly Dance is the perfect go-to activity for ladies of all ages, you’re NOT too old for belly dance.  It’s the perfect activity for women because this low-impact dance give you a great cardio workout PLUS it’s easy on the joints.  The movements in belly dance are natural to the curves and build of women.  While it may feel a little foreign to move your body in some of the basic steps….. it exercises you body AND YOUR BRAIN!

Take basic movements like snake arms: one arm moves upwards in a flowy manner while to other is doing the opposite… downward in a reverse movement.  Wow – right brain/left brain working together in opposites.  And that’s just one move, isolating just the hips to move, or the chest…. shall we continue?   You get the idea…..

So the moral of this story…. Be smart and come to The Belly Dance Studio!  You’ll have memories that WILL last a lifetime.  Check out our classes here>>

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