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The History of Belly Dance Props – The Sword

In this, the second in a series of four on the history of Belly Dance props, we’ll explore the origins and history associated with the Scimitar or Sword.scimitar34

The art of the belly dance, or Oriental dance, is recorded as early as 800 B.C. and was used for many forms of celebrations in Middle Eastern culture.  In order to add variety and symbolism to their dances, belly dancers have adopted many props over time.  Each prop has its own significance and importance within the dance.

The scimitar has always been the traditional weapon throughout the Middle East, so it is only natural that the scimitar would make its way into belly dance routines as well.  The scimitar dances were designed to reveal the power, strength, and goddess-like beauty of Arab women.

Students should always use a dulled student sword and not move onto a professional scimitar until they can complete the full scimitar practice four times through without losing the scimitar.  Modern moves involve balancing the scimitar on the dancer’s head while completing various moves while standing or kneeling.
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