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Belly Dance Performance Anxiety

Belly Dance Performance Anxiety…It’s not ONLY for Beginners

It’s not just beginner belly dancers who get the jitters. . .the cold hands, shaking, sweating, nausea, and the fear of things going terribly wrong are all perfectly normal for a first time dancer.  Getting through that initial performance is a rite of passage.

Of course, the butterflies in your stomach don’t completely disappear even with experience.  There are lots of different ways to cope with the anxiety that comes with performing in front of others. . .

                    *  Go into your own personal “zone”

                    *  Stretch and move immediately before a performance

                    *  Know you “”can and you “will”

                    *  Smile. . .Smile. . .Smile

                    *  Posture

                    *  Positive language (remember what follows “I AM. . .” happens)

The advice in this article can be used by all dancers – from beginners to pros.

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