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Getting Defensive Or Being Offended?

From Michele Harrington, owner of The Belly Dance Studio
(professionally known as Dilara Sultan)

As a belly dancer of many years, I feel defensive sometimes.

I am very, very active in the community.  I cannot count the number of times when I am at a local small business networking event or even a Chamber of Commerce function and some goofy businessman thinks that because I own The Belly Dance Studio, that it is appropriate that the ART of Belly Dance is now the subject of his silly jokes.  

I chose not to correct him, nor do I chose to laugh.  I grin. I bear it, and I move on.

Because the OVERWHELMING majority of people that learn about The Belly Dance Studio are inquisitive…. excited and eager to either take a class or pass on our information to a friend that is interested in learning.

We ALL make choices that sometimes we feel compelled to defend.  Perhaps it’s choosing private school or homeschooling over public education?  Being single, not having children or even wanting to live in Beaumont, Texas rather than ANYWHERE else in the world… whatever your trigger is, everyone has one.

This morning I was struck by the uproar across the news and internet regarding a photo for fitness.  You may have heard about it, it features what many have dubbed “Hot Mom.”


hot mom


The long long list of comments is interesting.  I encourage you to read the article that posted today click here>>

Is this a bully move making women in North America have a skewed idea of beauty and ideal body-type?  Is this a fitness inspiration photo that calls you to quit making excuses and get moving?

NOW YOU TELL ME, your thoughts on this photo, this controversy, perhaps you’ll even share what triggers you on the offense and the defense of the You that You are.


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