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Why Popeye’s Girlfriend is Our BFF – Olive Oil!

Bottle of olive oil with spout

Why Popeye’s Girlfriend is Our BFF – Olive Oil!

Okay, we know the difference between fact and fiction, and Popeye’s girlfriend’s name was actually spelled Olive OYL, but we just had to grab your attention to one of our BFFs at The Belly Dance Studio.


Here’s some surprising uses for this healthy kitchen staple:


*Prevents Hair Balls!   Yes, drizzle a teaspoon of olive oil on your pet’s food to help any hair ingested to make it’s way through the digestive system rather than be coughed up later.


* Unstick Zippers – Be careful to apply the oil to a stubborn zipper.  Apply to the inside of the slidder body and move it up and down the teeth a few times


* Substitute Shaving Cream – You can lightly coat your legs with olive oil and your razor will glide nicely.  It also conditions razor blades…. like we ever bother with that, right?


* Remove Paint From Hands – That do-it-yourself home project of painting the house or furniture can leave you with hands splatters and smeared.  Mix olive oil with a bit of baking soda or sugar and create a gentle scrub to clean up nicely.



** Thank you to that super fabulous magazine Woman’s Day for these tips and for featuring our own Dilara Sultan in their magazine! **






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