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Tabata Bootcamp™

It Will Change The Way You Think About Exercise!


tabata1Tabata Bootcamp™  is an multi-week group training program that is based on High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) using the 20-10 Microburst Training Protocol.  Members receive an easy and individually formatted program and participate in weekly workouts that will result in true, successful weight loss and muscle gain.  These exercises are combined with metabolic tracking, and 24/7 web support that help deliver amazing body transformation results.

The members meet in small groups with their trainer 3 times a week for comprehensive total body workouts that focus on lower body, upper body, and core providing both cardio and strength.  Within each 30 minute workout, participants experience short intervals based on Tabata™ training that delivers a calorie drenching workout and post metabolic boost (ie. boosts your metabolism to burn calories after the workout).  Tabata’s motto is “Quality, not quantity”.

Tabata Bootcamp™ offers effective workouts that maximize your results in minimal time.  And in each of your small group sessions, we will provide you with valuable guidance on other important factors in your lifestyle that are impacting your weight and fitness levels and how taking small steps during your 8 week program will lead to big results. Then to keep your metabolism boosted between your small group sessions, group members participate in 6-minute daily web workouts provided to them on the online Tabata Bootcamp™ Members Website.  While 6 minutes may seem incredibly short, you’ll burn an average of 50 calories during the 6 minutes, but more importantly these 6 minute daily blasts boost your metabolism to burn an additional 250 calories during the next 24 hours.  That’s 300 calories burned by investing only 6 minutes!  On the website, group members also have immediate access to track their results, monitor their success, and receive support through their fellow group members and their trainers.

The Tabata Bootcamp™ Express Fitness Program strikes the perfect combination of short, efficient workouts, ongoing online support, and motivation in a small group training setting. Add these pieces together, and the benefits are REAL and more importantly, they produce amazing weight loss and fitness success.  Tabata Bootcamp™ will get you in the best shape of your life!


What are the 20-10 Microbursts in Tabata Bootcamp™?

A true Tabata Bootcamp™ workout is founded on quality, not quantity. In other words, the effect of a workout should not be based on the amount of time devoted to exercising, buttabata2 rather what the exercise does for your body after the workout is over.  Done the Tabata™ way, you not only burn calories during the exercise, but your body keeps burning extra calories for the next 24 to 48 hours.  Tabata Bootcamp™ training is a unique and revolutionary approach to successfully lose weight and build muscle in minimal time.

The unique protocol used in Tabata Bootcamp™ is the 20-10 microburst intervals.  An interval consists of performing specifically chosen exercises at an ultra high intensity for 20 seconds, followed by 10 seconds of rest.  The beauty behind these short microbursts is that 20 seconds at high intensity is doable and the 10 second rest allows for brief recovery before moving on to the next exercise interval.  These 20-10 microburst intervals are stacked in the 30 minute group workouts in specific sequences of different exercise movements that target every part of your body.  The 6 minute workouts also stack 20-10 intervals using just a few select exercise movements that deliver a short yet high metabolic boosting workout.

This short duration, but high intensity interval training (HIIT) creates a prolonged afterburn, or EPOC (excess post oxygen consumption).  This type of training causes the body to take longer to return to its state of rest, so it continues to burn calories (5x more) at a higher rate long after the workout session has completed.  Put simply, a 4-minute Tabata Bootcamp™ workout can reap the same benefits as a longer but steady workout, like running for a half hour.

The program incorporates the use of resistance balls, gliders, rope-less jump ropes and stretchy bands.


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    This works!!!! It was so great to end the holidays a size smaller rather than a size bigger.

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