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FITNESS 4-1-1 From The Belly Dance Studio: Elastic Bands Pack More Punch Than You Think!

Question: What increases strength more: Weight Machines, Free Weights or Resistance Bands?

Researchers reported in the International Journal Sports Medicine, 31: 810-817, 2010, that Elastic Bands work just as well as their expensive counterparts.  Their study found that women had equal increases in strength (upright rowing, squats, back extensions) as women participating in resistance exercise programs using elastic bands as opposed to free weights or machines.


Arms 101

So, what is the best way to use them????????  In our Fitness Bootcamps at The Belly Dance Studio!  “Our certified Tabata Boootcamp trainers have developed wonderful and effective exercises,” said Michele Harrington, owner of The Belly Dance Studio.  “With our close attention and small class sizes, ladies will experience tremendous results: stronger, leaner and toner!”

With fitness classes that last 30 min, the personalized group training offered at The Belly Dance Studio fits perfectly into the busy schedules of women in the Southeast Texas area.

More great News: Spring 3-Week Fitness Challenge classes are enrolling NOW!!!

New session begins Monday March 13th for- read all the details HERE>>

Elastic Fitness Bands are portable and inexpensive… and we have them available for purchase here at The Belly Dance Studio……  So get a band, spend 30 minutes at The Belly Dance Studio, and we WILL have you getting Fit and Fabulous!  Check out our class times here>>


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