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Happy Fats & Sad Fats? The Belly Dance Studio Shares the facts…

At The Belly dance Studio, we do NOT preach “Lose weight,”  but we DO promote a Hip+Fit Lifestyle.  So when this bit of news popped up… we had to share it with YOU:


Happy Fats, yes.. Sad Fats, what??????

Junk food can junk up your mind!  We all know that junk food is the enemy… of our heart and our health…

but it is also a trigger for depression.

Consuming a mere 1.5 grams of trans fats daily can increase depression by 48%.

Almudena Sanchez-Villegas, Ph D., author of the study, says, “The fat (trans fat) triggers low-grade inflammation that may affect brain function and mood.”  What to do?  Stay away from foods containing partially hydrogenated oil.

good-and-bad-fat-e1365045619972Watch out: According to many nutritionists and fitness experts, packaged foods that claim to be ZERO Trans Fats may still have up to ½ gram of trans fat per serving.


Our thoughts:

  • Keep food simple.  If it comes in a bag and ends in the letters –itos, walk away.
  • Keep it simple… fewer ingredients and ingredients that you can pronounce are a good start.
  • Strive to use unsaturated fats including extra-virgin olive oil, coconut oil and omega -3’s  (flaxseed, salmon).

And here’s how The Belly Dance Studio can help you with you goals… and be a bit happier too:

  • Join one of our women-only personalized group fitness classes… Check the opportunities at The Belly Dance Studio here>
  • DANCE!!!!   It does do your mood, your heat and your mind good!   Check out all our upcoming dance classes here>>
  • Call us!!!  If there is a special class you are looking for, or would like to book private classes, we CAN do that! 409-790-7669

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