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Yes! You CAN Belly Dance… We Have FUN Classes for YOU at The Belly Dance Studio

Do you know how many times we at The Belly Dance Studio hear these words:

“Oh I think Belly Dance is so fun to watch, but I can’t move my body like that”

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Guess what… You CAN!

Now, not all of us have a natural ability to dance like Shakira (Who, by the way, took belly dance classes to get her shimmy MTV-ready)… but with a little help from our teachers at The Belly Dance Studio you will find an inner dance-goddess just waiting to be released!!

WHY do we want you to give it a try??? Its more than just movement in belly dance class and to be honest… it’s more than just an hour to try to burn a *TON* of calories.  Here are a few other things you will find in a belly dance class:

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA1.  REAL social networking.  Honey, clicking “like” on a friend’s picture or reading the latest political/religious rant someone puts on their facebook wall is NOT socializing.  Really, honestly, it’s not.  Get engaged in a new activity with real live people around you… it’s a healthy, good thing to do.

2.  You will exercise your mind… and that will keep you young!

3.  The movements in belly dance release endorphins… endorphins make you happy.

4.  Laughter is good for the soul…. and you will giggle in class.. at yourself, at your teacher and with your new FRIENDS.

Did we mention this is real social networking.  Now you get the idea!

Yes! You CAN Belly Dance, and we have great beginner classes for YOU: Thursdays 7:30 pm at The Belly Dance Studio at The Bonnie Cokinos School Of Dance 4555 Calder (next to Jack’s Pack It). Call 409-790-7669 to register or sign up on line……

Beginnner Belly Dance

Starts Thurs Sept 27th 7:15- 8:15 pm (sold out)

and Sunday Sept 30th 3 – 4 pm

Enroll in our Sunday classes, 5 classes = $60



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