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Is Belly Dance A Workout? Yes and Beginner Classes are Enrolling NOW!

Oh YES IT IS!!!!!
Come try a class and see the benefits of Belly Dance and how fun it is at The Belly Dance Studio in Beaumont

We have a number of people that come into The Belly Dance Studio each week….. and the questions we get range from, “Can I belly dance?” to “Belly Dance?? In Beaumont??? Can I start NOW??”

One question we are asked a lot is: Is belly dance a good workout???  YES IT IS!!!

Most new students have never taken a dance class before, or perhaps they took dance when they were a child.  Nevertheless, they find the classes to be easy to follow, fun to participate in and burn A LOT of calories in the process.

To stay up to date on all the classes we offer at The Belly Dance Studio and how to enroll, please visit our FaceBook Events Page.  You will find all dates and class descriptions here as well as links to pre-pay and reserve your spot!

For only a $15 drop in rate, that’s a wonderful way to shimmy away the stress after work and not feel like you are exercising.   For more info about these classes, call or swing by our studio (409) 790-7669


So what is Belly Dancing????

Belly dancing is an ancient art form that has become a popular form of exercise; it is low impact and can burn up to 400 calories per hour while working numerous muscle groups. Additionally, belly dancing routines can be tailored to fit the needs of individuals who have physical limitations or disabilities.

Stomach Muscles

Belly dancing targets the deepest layer of muscles in the stomach known as the transverse abdominis; the complex movements associated with this type of dance work to strengthen and tone these muscles. The oblique muscles, which are located in the sides of the abdomen, are stretched and toned during the hip circle movements done during belly dancing. Another part of the abdomen that is toned is the rectus abdominis, commonly called the six pack muscles and located in the lower front of the abdomen. The toning effect occurs during the vertical and horizontal undulating movements as well as during two specific dance moves known as the camel and the belly roll.

One of the BEST sources of information on this topic is on To learn more about the effects belly dance has on you  back, hips, upper & lower body muscles, how to ensure the best work out in belly dance AND belly dance with disabilities…. read the rest of the article here>> 




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One Comment to "Is Belly Dance A Workout? Yes and Beginner Classes are Enrolling NOW!"

  1. Jennifer Janise says:

    Yes, belly dance is a workout. Your arms, all your core muscles and legs are guaranteed to benefit. Besides the excerise, you get to meet new friends and laugh.

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