The Belly Dance Studio

About us

Our Mission:

To provide women with fun, fitness alternatives that help to strengthen the body, the soul, and the community in which we live.

Our Story:

Now in its eighth year, The Belly Dance Studio has been a successful and uplifting studio for women in SETX!

Meet our owner, Michele Harrington.  She has been working on this solo-business project for years, in fact, it is The Belly Dance Studio, along with 5 other companies related to entertainment and oriental dance that started years ago.

Michele Harrington, known in the belly dance community as Dilara Sultan, has been Dancing, Performing and Touring the world for almost 20 years!  Through her extensive experiences and contacts performing in Europe, the UK, Turkey and Egypt, she bridges east and west giving her students exclusive access to the movers and shakers in the Belly Dance Industry.

It is important to note: sometimes successful businesses have impostors!  It came to our attention 4 years ago that another person in Beaumont Tx was misrepresenting herself as the owner of The Belly Dance Studio. Other times she represented herself as a business partner of Michele Harrington. Neither of these claims is true. 

4695 Calder Ave, Beaumont 409-790-7669