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At The Belly Dance Studio, our motto is: “Let the art transform you!”  And belly dance can do that…   No matter your shape, size, age or fitness level, you can enjoy ALL of the classes offered at The Belly Dance Studio. Looking to get fit?  Want to learn and explore the art of belly dance?  Need some time away from the kids and want to have FUN?  All this and more happens at The Belly Dance Studio!

Are you new to belly dance and not sure what class to begin with?  The best place to begin is learning the foundation to all forms of belly dance  in one of our open-level classes held on Wednesday mornings or evenings…technique, fun combinations and drills geared to each individual student.  Focus is  on proper posture, muscle use, simple foot patterns, and basic rhythms.  Great for newbies as well as belly dance students wanting to improve their technique.  These classes are structured so that drop-ins are welcome!!


Please bring your dance journals — VIDEO RECORDING IS NOT ALLOWED

Mondays at The Belly Dance Studio!

Gypsy Dance Fun & Fitness!!!! 6 – 6:45 pm             

Studio owner, Dilara Sultan is known world-wide for her Turkish Dancing and Teaching. Here she is teaching in Turkey earlier this year!

Studio owner, Dilara Sultan is known world-wide for her Turkish Dancing and Teaching. Here she is teaching in Turkey earlier this year!

A fun and fat-blasting dance class — No experience needed!  Our Fun and Feisty Gypsy Dance Class is PERFECT for burning calories and having FUN! You will feel like your have been transported to another world and we dance and explore the 9/8 rhythms of Turkey. THIS IS NOT A BELLY DANCE CLASS!!
Great for all ages and fitness levels…. and if you have never been in a dance class – NO PROBLEM!
Wear your fitness trackers…… because you will be AMAZED by how many steps and calories you will burn.  $10 CASH Drop in (no class on 10/17 & 10/24)

Dilara Sultan gypsy Sultan's FeastTurkish Romani Dance 6:45 – 7:45 pm

( a Sassy Gypsy Style Dance Class)  

Drop in is $15!! or save $$ and buy the month’s classes here>>

Please note: October’s Classes will be 2-hours long, held on Oct 3 & 10 only
The magical 9/8 rhythms of Turkish Roma style dance can have a fast paced fiery personality, and other times it’s earthy and emotional spirit. This class takes the movements you’ve already learned in Intro to Turkish Roma, and helps you make those movements part of your own artistic style.

Please bring your dance journal and a 25 yd skirt. If you do not have a skirt, some are avail for purchase. Students enrolled in the class can purchase skirts at 50% off!!! (wow)



Tuesdays at The Belly Dance Studio!

BellyDancing For FUN & Fitness!!!    5:30 pm – 6:15 pm          

For women of ALL ages... Belly Dance is a great, low-impact aerobic activity that is east on the joints! Come try our Belly Dance for Fun & Fitness classes!

For women of ALL ages… Belly Dance is a great, low-impact aerobic activity that is east on the joints! Come try our Belly Dance for Fun & Fitness classes!


Belly Dance is a FUN way to move, groove and get into shape!!
This class will move students to a fun and funky beat while providing a low-impact aerobic workout. NO PREVIOUS DANCE REQUIRED! This is a FUN & Fitness class….. we do not review technique or history. This is a fun dance class. It is GREAT for our Art of Belly Dance Students to continue to drill and self-correct their own technique.   Drop in only $10 CASH


Pop FusionBelly Dance Pop Fusion

Tuesday Nights  7:15 – 8:15 pm

Reg Price $50 or $15/class drop in

Click here to Purchase>>


Get your groove on as Donna teaches you Pop Fusion Belly Dance! Each month, students will learn an entire choreography to popular pop tunes from Turkey, Egypt, Europe and the USA! Mixed level class…. ALL STUDENTS, especially those that want to begin performing with our student troupe are encouraged to participate. SUPER FUN!!



For students that have already begun to take belly dance classes. A knowledge of the basic moves in NECESSARY!  Must have completed at least 2 months of Beginner Belly Dance Classes.  If you have any questions, please call us at 409-790-7669.


Wednesdays at The Belly Dance Studio!

Belly Dance 101 !!  Every Wednesday 10 – 11 am  Drop in $15

Perfect for beginners to Belly Dance and great for those trying to polish their technique! What can you expect? Learn those smooth movements and isolations that make belly dance so mesmerizing! Snake arms, body undulations, belly rolls, head slides, and the transition steps that will take you to a new level of AWESOME! FUN and popular class….. early enrollment is HIGHLY encouraged to secure your spot!!  save $$ and purchase the month’s classes here>>

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Belly Dance 101!!  Every Wednesday evening 6:00 – 7:00 pm  Drop in $15

Same as our daytime class, but perfectly scheduled if you have a busy day schedule.  Save $$ and purchase the month here>>


Belly Dance 102!!  Every Wednesday evenings 6:30 – 7:30 pm  Drop in $15

Picking up where Belly Dance 101 leaves off, Donna & Dilara guide students into the next level of oriental dance. Learning choreographies and perfecting techniques, the Sultan Dance Methodology brings students to a new level of Belly Dancing.

It is designed for those students who have successfully finished Belly Dance 101 and are ready to take their belly dance journey further.  Save $$ and purchase the month here>>

CAT5CREATIVECLASS070716Dilara’s Belly Dance Training Class Wednesday Nights 7 – 8:30 pm

On Hiatus in October

Musicality… Technique… Authenticity… Confidence… In this class, students will learn how to understand and explore the top songs every belly dance should know & WHY. Additionally, Dilara will guide students to develop their own style, persona and tackle the roadblocks each student faces in her dance.   THIS IS ESSENTIAL for students wanting to grow in the art!!! Mastery of Belly Dance 101 is required.

$75 for the monthly series…. click here for more info>>

Thursdays at The Belly Dance Studio!

Flirty Girl Dance Fitness   5:30 – 6:15 pm   $10 cash drop in    

When flirty, fabulous dance meets choreography with a purpose; the result is a fun, effective way to condition the entire body   flirty girl logoinside and out. Flirty Girl Dance Fitness , is an outrageously entertaining cardio intensive dance-based class that works the entire body. Using the easy to learn Flirty Girl Foundation Moves, participants will quickly “own” the movement and experience the fabulous feeling that dancing gives you, while reaping the benefits of strength and cardiovascular exercise all in one class.  Drop in $10 cash please!


Combos and Drills with Dilara!  6:30 pm – 8 pm $20 drop in

Dilara takes on the music you want to dance to…. Baladi, Shaabi, Oryantal, Pop and Drums……….. Learn new combos…. drill-drill-drill and add more movements and musicality to your dance library!!!!!   GREAT FOR ALL LEVELS!!  (must have completed at least 1 month of Belly Dance 101)    $20 drop in!   **** Please pay attention to the studio calendar, this class may not be every week!!! ***

 Check out our Class Schedule HERE!


2 Comments to "Belly Dance Classes"

  1. Vickie says:

    How many sessions do you get for the $50.00 requested for Belly Dance 101 Class?

  2. The Staff at The Belly Dance Studio says:

    thank you for your message Vickie. Sorry that we were not clearer in our wording. We will fix that ASAP!
    To answer your questions, the $50 cost is for 4 classes. Belly Dance 101 is 6:30-7:30 pm every Tuesday night. Drop in rate is $15, so you save $$ buying the entire month.

    If you want to try the first class at $15, and then at the end of class WHEN YOU DECIDE YOU LOVE IT AND WANT TO TAKE THEM ALL….. we will apply that $15 to the remaining balance.

    Thank you and if you have any other questions, please feel free to call out studio 409-790-7669!

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