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FITNESS 4-1-1 From The Belly Dance Studio: Elastic Bands Pack More Punch Than You Think!

Question: What increases strength more: Weight Machines, Free Weights or Resistance Bands? Researchers reported in the International Journal Sports Medicine, 31: 810-817, 2010, that Elastic Bands work just as well as their expensive counterparts.  Their study found that women had equal increases in strength (upright rowing, squats, back extensions) as women participating in resistance exercise […]

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So You Wanna Be a Belly Dancer for Halloween?

Did you know our own belly dance instructor, Dilara Sultan, has one of the TOP Blogs in the Belly Dance World? Here’s a blog from last year that has received a lot of feedback, given it’s topical nature, since it’s Halloween at all (unless you believe Wal-Mart displays, which indicate is it apparently Christmas). Of […]

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