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ZUMBA with NYJUMA at The Belly Dance Studio

Nyjuma is here with Zumba Fitness®! She is one of the BEST instructors in SETX!!! Only $5 cash every Wednesday evening at 5:30 pm….

Yes! You CAN Belly Dance… We Have FUN Classes for YOU at The Belly Dance Studio

Do you know how many times we at The Belly Dance Studio hear these words: “Oh I think Belly Dance is so fun to watch, but I can’t move my body like that” ?????????????????????????????????????? Guess what… You CAN! Now, not all of us have a natural ability to dance like Shakira (Who, by the way, […]

Don’t Shy Away From A Shimmy – Belly Dance IS For You!

Today on the website, The New Indian Express, Aparna Chandra of Bangalore published a great article about the benefits of Belly Dance — and why YOU shouldn’t Shy Away From A Shimmy  We couldn’t wait to share this excerpt with you!!! “Bellydancing is both a relaxing and enlivening dance that can help tone the body […]

FAQ’s of Tabata Bootcamp™ at The Belly Dance Studio

The Belly Dance Studio is the LONGEST RUNNING Tabata Bootcamp facitility in Southeast Texas with the MOST EXPERIENCED Certified Trainers!!! Learn more about this AWESOME program >>

Tabata Bootcamp™ at The Belly Dance Studio

Our Back-To-School Tabata Bootcamp Dates Are Announced and NOW Available for Purchase

Dee’s Diary. . .

How to Succeed at Weight Loss Without Really Trying!   September 6th. . . This is the story of my transformation!  It chronicles my surprising, ongoing journey, not only of weight loss, but of learning how to accept and love myself. . .just as I am along the way!  Because, let’s face it, we all […]

Lady Lysette. . .her thoughts on Belly Dancing!

Don’t Discount the Full-Figured Belly Dancer Are all belly dancers thin?  Can full-figured ladies find fun and acceptance in belly dance? member Lady Lysette shares her first-hand experiences and thoughts on this subject. Obviously I am not your stereotypical Belly Dancer, but only in one way, my shape.  I am a Full-Figured woman, and have […]

Finding Your Inner Belly Dance Goddess Part I: The Power of Self-Assessment

Finding Your Inner Belly Dance Goddess Part I: The Power of Self-Assessment In this article, the first in a series of three, you’ll discover how to keep life balanced and find your Inner Belly Dance Goddess! Every woman is a goddess, though many fail to connect fully with the strength, confidence and femininity inherent in […]

Get Motivated!

Get Motivated!   Do you, sometimes, find it difficult to get up and move when you just don’t feel it?  If you’re serious about belly dancing then it’s time to get motivated. Try to belly dance five to six times a week for 1 hour per day.  On days you don’t practice, relax and you […]

The History of Belly Dance Props – The Sword

In this, the second in a series of four on the history of Belly Dance props, we’ll explore the origins and history associated with the Scimitar or Sword. The art of the belly dance, or Oriental dance, is recorded as early as 800 B.C. and was used for many forms of celebrations in Middle Eastern […]

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