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Fitness Instructors

Dilara Sultan



Dilara Sultan is one of us: a wife, a mother, an entrepreneur, a girl next door whose neighborhood happens to contain pretty much the whole world. Her journey through the world of Oriental dance is not unusual, starting out as entranced and earnest beginner in a mid-sized Texas town. Yet her fascination with the form, the music, and the culture surrounding belly dance has lead her to discover new opportunities world-wide for the musicians, instructors, and dancers that enliven this ancient art. Through her network of companies, Dilara facilitates new relationships reaching across global boundaries to forge collaborations that further expand and enrich the Oriental Dance community.

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Melissa Cornwell



Melissa is the quintessential flirty girl. She's constantly active, the life of the party, and a nutritionist, bringing a well-rounded background to her fitness routines. Her instructor style makes her a cheerleader for each student, though she is happy to scale workouts to fit any exercise level or health needs. Melissa teaches how to make the Flirty Girl steps your own, allowing students to express themselves creatively while burning calories.

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